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About Us

Our goal is to offer passionate fans accessories that are more stylish than anything else on the market, clearly representing your favourite colours and that can be worn with pride or gifted with enthusiasm. That’s been our mission since Shuul Colours was created in 2017.

There’s a reason why when you watch any large sporting event in the world you’ll spot an Offaly jersey, an Irish flag or a banner from Ballincollig! It’s because people have an emotional connection, a sense of pride above all else in the place where they are from. And the way we choose to display this connection is through the colours we wear.

Think the tricolour of Carlow, the orange of Armagh, the sky blue of the Dubs or the primrose and blue of the Rossies.

As much as we loved hearing that famous call of ‘HATS’, SCARVES & HEADBANDS’, we knew that these same county colour accessories could be seen on an episode of ‘Reeling in The Years’ from 1964!


Jewellery that means something to you

The Launch

We launched our original Ladies GAA County Colour Bracelet in July of 2017 in the counties of Galway, Dublin and Cork to see if people were interested in them. And thankfully you were.

We sold out in a matter of weeks and so the decision was made to stock all counties as well as the 4 rugby provinces. Both mothers and daughters alike loved that they were stylish, inexpensive and different to traditional plain arm bands. Then Christmas came around and the fact that the bracelets came presented in a lovely butterfly envelope meant they were also a perfect gift or stocking filler for GAA fans.


Product Development

But why stop at one beautiful bracelet? The more we engaged with our wonderful community, the more we realised there was a desire for other styles of products. Hence the county colour sterling silver range was born. This range is handmade in our workshop in Ballinasloe Enterprise Center and features 925 sterling silver with vibrant Swarovski crystals. And yes, you guessed it – available in all your favourite GAA county colours.

With pendants, bracelets and earrings to choose from, these also quickly became a hit, not just with fans buying it for themselves but also those looking to buy the perfect gift for a GAA fanatic. After all, when you combine your favourite GAA colours and beautiful jewellery, then what’s not to love!

Jewellery that means something to you


Jewellery that means something to you

Our Community

Needless to say, we absolutely love our community. There’s nothing better than engaging every day with like minded people who have a passion for wearing the colours that mean the most to them.

From the day we launched you have supported us on social media, sent us your photos, given us glowing reviews, crucial feedback and ideas for new products. For this we are extremely grateful and the reason we run competitions on a monthly basis for free giveaways.


Onwards and Upwards

It has always been important to us that visitors to our website have a good shopping experience and can easily find what they are interested in. But one year in and we knew our website needed some love and affection! Thankfully with support from Eoin at the Galway Local Enterprise Office we were able to avail of the Trading Online Voucher and redesign our entire website as well as create beautiful new branding.

We hope it’s much easier for you to browse our website now and match your favourite colours with your favourite accessory. Whether that be the extensive range of GAA jewellery inspired by your favourite county colours, provincial rugby colours, your birthstone colour or some chakra colours, hopefully you’ll find a piece that you can wear with sheer pride.

And as always, we will continue to listen to you and develop fantastic ranges inspired by colours that matter most.

Jewellery that means something to you