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Birthstone Jewellery - Birthstone Colours & Meanings

Written by Shuul Gifts
January 19, 2023

What Is Birthstone Jewellery?

Birthstone jewellery is jewellery that features gemstones or crystals that are associated with the birth month of the person wearing it. Each month has a different birthstone colour associated with it with each believed to have special properties and meanings.

Take for example; January, the associated birthstone colour for January is 'Garnet' with is said to symbolise Consistency, Endurance, Creativity & Patience. 

Types Of Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery is available in many forms these days with the most popular been the Birthstone Necklace. However, other pieces such as birthstone bracelets, birthstone rings have also become extremely popular, especially as gifts for a loved one.

The jewellery itself can be made from many different materials including; Gold, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. The most popular material over the last number of years has been Sterling Silver. It is not as costly as gold and has a very long life span once it is minded.

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Birthstone Colours By Month & Their Meanings

Below you'll find a list of the traditional birthstones by Month and their associated colours, special properties & meanings:

  • January: Garnet (red) - symbolises consistency, endurance, creativity and patience.
  • February: Amethyst (purple) - symbolises sincerity, intuition and motivation
  • March: Aquamarine (light blue) - symbolises courage, creativity, health, perception and hope.
  • April: Crystal (clear) - symbolises innocence, eternity, courage and health
  • May: Emerald (green) - symbolises love, success, happiness and goodness.
  • June: Light Amethyst (light pink) - symbolises faith, charity, innocence, health and peace.
  • July: Ruby (red): symbolises nobility, contentment, love, enthusiasm and strength.
  • August: Peridot (green) - symbolises success, peace, happiness, luck and courage.
  • September: Sapphire (blue) - symbolises clear thinking, wisdom, serenity, purity and truth.
  • October: Rose (pink) - symbolises hope, purity, health and innocence
  • November: Light Topaz (yellow) - symbolises energy, warmth and optimism.
  • December: Montana (navy blue) - symbolises success, love, luck, happiness and prosperity.

Why Gift Birthstone Jewellery To A Loved One

When deciding on the right gift for a loved ones birthday gift, valentines gift, anniversary gift or Christmas gift - you can't go wrong which a stylish piece of birthstone jewellery.

Not only the fact that the gift is highly personalised to them through their birthstone but it shows that you have put some effort and thought into finding the perfect gift for them.

Birthstone jewellery is personal, meaningful, versatile and timeless and is ideal for wearing on a daily basis or to that special occasion or event. An affordable gift that's sure to be well received and will last for years to come.

We hope you found this article helpful and of course if you have any questions regarding birthstone jewellery then please feel free to reach out to us. We'd be only happy to chat and help out in any way we can.


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