Groomsmen Gifts Ultimate Guide For Irish Men + 12 Examples
Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts Ultimate Guide For Irish Men + 12 Examples

Written by Shuul Gifts
October 23, 2022

I’ve been fortunate enough to get the nod to be a Best Man or Groomsman a few times and I can honestly say that all the grooms did a fantastic job on choosing their groomsmen gifts to mark the occasion. I’d have to say that wouldn’t I!

But I know why. It’s because the gifts were personal to me and they were something I’d actually use.

The personalised golf themed hip flask was one of my favourites (we do brandies for birdies!) and I still have my personalised cufflinks which are always on standby for the next wedding.

I remember my brother who is a journalist and a keen writer getting a personalised leather notebook which he was over the moon with.

It can be hard to know where to start when thinking of ideas for groomsmen gifts. You want them to appreciate them and you definitely want your groomsmen to know you put some real thought into shopping for them.

While it’s a well known Ireland tradition to gift your Best Man and Groomsman on the day of the wedding, it’s also an important gesture to thank them for being a loyal brother or friend for so many years.

Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

The below list of Ideas for groomsmen gifts will hopefully save you time and help you choose a gift that is worthy of marking such a wonderful occasion.

Best of all, these engraved groomsmen gifts are beautifully packaged and are gifts you’ll be proud to hand over to those loyal men by your side.

But first lets talk about a few questions you might have before you set out researching and buying gifts that will resonate with your wedding party.

Who Buys Groomsmen Gifts?

Oh the big question! Who’s job is it to buy the groomsmen gifts? Is it the bride or the groom? Well normally it's the groom.

While sometimes the bride will decide to give the groomsmen a token of her appreciation, it’s typically the groom who should take the responsibility of choosing the gifts for his groomsmen and best man.

After all, he is the one who knows them best and has a better idea of what each one will be thankful for.

How Much Should You Spend On Groomsmen Gifts?

If you’re wondering how much you should spend on groomsmen gifts, I’m not going to annoy you with an answer like ‘it depends’. I can tell you from what we see on a daily basis that the average spend per groomsman is around €30 to €35

For example, a lovely personalised hip flask presented in a nice black gift box with cups and a funnel is right in this price range, as are the personalised cufflinks for groomsmen and wallets.

To be honest, it’s more about the meaning of the gift and that they are nicely presented and packaged, rather than how much they cost. That’s exactly why we focus so much on our gift packaging.

Hopefully as you read on and see the following list of groomsmen gifts, it will help you pick the right gift at a price that’s suitable for your budget.

What Should a Groomsman Gift Include?

Good advice to keep in mind when deciding what are good groomsmen gifts and what should a groomsman gift include would be to follow this criteria:

  • Relevancy: Does it reflect them as a person and what they are interested in? For example an interest of theirs, whether it be a sport like hurling or golf, or other interests like music.
  • Personalised: Having their name (or a good nickname), a message, and the date on the gift just adds that extra special touch.
  • Usable: Is it a gift they’ll actually use? That groomsman hip flask I got certainly received its fair share of use on the golf course! And the likes of personalised cufflinks or wallets are an elegant yet useful gift for most men.

The good news is that the below list of groomsmen gifts fit all these criteria.

They can all be customised with a certain theme, personalised with a name, date and text, and most importantly, from hip flasks to cufflinks and wallets, they are items that your best man or groomsmen will actually use and thank you for.

What To Write on Groomsmen Gifts?

Well this really is up to you but most groomsmen gifts will include their name (or nickname), the role i.e Groomsman, the date of the wedding and depending on the size of the gift and space for personalisation, you can add a thoughtful message.

The message can be a simple thank you, or something a little more clever like a saying your groomsman uses regularly, or even a private joke between the two of you.

With regards to how to spell Best Man or Groomsman, I hate being the spelling police here, (trust me, I’m not that guy), but this is a common error we see.

Best Man is 2 words while Groomsman is 1 word. When it comes to a personalised gift, it’s important to get it right.

When Do I Give Groomsmen Gifts?

First of all, the important thing to remember when deciding when to give your groomsmen their gifts is whether you see them using the gift on the day of the wedding?

If you’re giving them groomsmen cufflinks or a tie clip, then don’t leave it until the day of the wedding. They’ll want these prior to the big day so they have everything they’re wearing prepared.

Or if you decide on wallets for your groomsmen, it’s nice to use it on the day but we all know it can be a chore to switch wallets if you use it like a filing cabinet.

On the other hand, groomsmen hip flasks can be a nice little gesture to ease the nerves the morning of the wedding. It’s up to you whether you give it to them empty or full…I’m staying stump on that one!

As a side note, we do also see some grooms using gifts, mostly hip flasks, as ‘Will You Be My Groomsmen Gifts?’. So obviously this is some way out from the wedding, but is a nice way of breaking the news to a brother or friend that they’ll be a massive part of the most special day of your life.

List of Groomsmen Gift Ideas

So without further adieu, lets get to our list of groomsmen gift ideas to get your juices flowing. It's full of great items that your groomsman and best man are sure to appreciate.

Personalised Hip Flasks for Groomsmen

You simply can't go wrong with personalised hip flasks as a gift for your Groomsmen or Best Man. From this collection you can choose a wedding themed hip flask and add a role, name and date, or choose a hip flask gift box with cups and a funnel in an elegant satin box. And if you have something specific in mind, they can be custom engraved with whatever you have in mind.

Cufflinks for Groomsmen

Cufflinks are an ideal gift for Groomsmen which they can use on the wedding day, as well as something they can wear for years to come. Add more meaning by personalising them with a name and date.

Personalised Wallets for Groomsmen

Another excellent everyday item, this collection of personalised wallets are a lovely gift for Groomsmen. Engraved with a long lasting mark and RFID-blocking, they can also be used to remind the men by your side not to be shy of going to the bar!

Groomsmen Gift Boxes

A great way to show your appreciation is with Groomsmen Gift Boxes. And these gift boxes are like getting multiple gifts in one. The tin box is engraved with their name and can be used as a keepsake box. Depending on which one you choose, they can contain gifts like themed socks, coasters, cufflinks, keyrings, bottle openers and more.

Pocket Watches for Groomsmen

Add an extra bit of style to the outfit with a personalised pocket watch. An old fashioned item that is still extremely trendy, a pocket watch is a lovely memento and keepsake to have as a reminder of that special wedding day.

Personalised Lighters

These steel personalised lighters have a lovely matt black finish which allows for a clean, long lasting engraving. Choose a wedding theme, a custom theme, or simply a name and message. They are beautifully presented in either a luxury gift box or in an engraved tin box that can double up as a keepsake box.

Personalised Notebooks

Not traditionally known as a Groomsman Gift, we have seen a huge increase in personalised notebooks being used as a gift for groomsmen, best men and fathers of the bride. And I’m not surprised. No matter what you work at or what interests you have, a lovely leather notebook with your name and maybe some words of thanks or inspiration is a thoughtful and useful gift.

Personalised Coasters

The thing I like about coasters as a gift for groomsmen is that they have plenty of space for an engraved personalisation and they are functional for everyday use. Whether your groomsman has a home bar or just likes to unwind with a drop of whiskey, these are a nice gift they’ll appreciate. Add that extra touch by gifting them in our engraved tin groomsman gift box.

Personalised Photo Frames

What better way to remember the special day than with a personalised photo frame. Our photo frames feature an engraving with your text and your Groomsman can use it to add their favourite photo from the day. Pants rolled up and tie around the head come to my mind.

Boxes for Groomsmen Gifts

Earlier in the list we showed you some Groomsman Gift Boxes, but you can also buy boxes for groomsman gifts empty so you can fill them with gift ideas yourself. These tin boxes are customised with a long lasting engraving and are ideal as a keepsake box for years to come.

Personalised Keyrings

Another gift that your Groomsmen will actually use, personalised keyrings are an item that can be gifted on its own or as part of a groomsman gift box. These keyrings are high quality stainless steel with space for custom text or a small graphic.

Mens Dog Tag Necklaces

If your Groomsman is into his jewellery, then these mens dog tag necklaces could be the way to go. The dog tag is made from jewellery grade stainless steel and hangs from a 22 inch stylish stainless steel rope chain. Add your own custom text to make an ideal gift for your jewellery-loving Groomsman.

Groomsmen Gifts Ireland

If you’re looking for Groomsmen Gifts in Ireland we’re here to help. Shuul Gifts is based in Co. Galway and we offer fast nationwide delivery. And because we’re Irish based, we know that many Groomsmen will have a keen interest in GAA. With this in mind we have a fantastic collection of hurling gifts and gaelic football gifts that will go down a treat.